Vimasol e Hijos S.L.

Engineering, software and development of industrial equipment

Vimasol e Hijos S.L. was founded in 1998 as a continuation of an earlier company founded by Vicente Martínez Alberola in the early eighties. Since that time it has become highly experienced in engineering and development of equipment for controlling industrial processes, industrial automation, robotics, industrial computing, artificial vision and GPS-based systems, including systems for control and improvement of distribution and communications processes.

All this, in addition to efficient information gathering and management, enables us to evaluate each application and deploy a suitable solution and optimised control.

Our custom systems for transporting and distributing petroleum products such as petrol, and our dispenser and refuelling units for aircraft, developments, assemblies for industrial machinery, after-sales and maintenance services are all worthy of mention.

Why choose to work with Vimasol?

More than 35 years’ experience and constant innovation.

If there is anything that has always made Vimasol stand out from its competitors it is its capacity to respond to industry needs through constant innovation in both solutions and service.
Our solutions operate in 50 countries for customers with a global presence such as British Petroleum (BP), Repsol and HIoinsa, among others.
Developments and solutions require swift, efficient after-sales and customer services. Our customer portfolio, both in terms of sectors and global implementation, are the best guarantee of our capacity in this regard.
+ 30 years
1,500 m2
18 employees